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Ryan's Interview

What has been your favorite moment of the trip?

My favourite moment was getting into Alderney on the first day. The day felt like it was never going to end, it was freezing cold, nothing had gone to plan, the weather was horrible. As we were coming in we were nervous because it was dark but once we’d moored up it was such a massive relief (even though we had nothing on board to eat!)

What has been your least favourite moment of the trip?

Sailing to Alderney! (Reasons above!)

Best place so far…

For nature and how beautiful a place is, it’s got to be Port Blanc. For atmosphere, friendly people and good food, definitely La Rochelle.

Least Favourite place so far…

Erm, it would probably be Bloscon but not because of the marina, because that was lovely. There was a restaurant there and it did the best burger we’ve ever had. You may think, ‘how good can a burger really be’ but it was incredible! But there wasn’t anything around there to really explore and the town was miles away.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Getting on with you (thanks Ryan!)

What have you learnt so far on the trip?

Panicking isn’t going to change any situation you’re in and there is no point in being scared of stuff because that won’t help either. Best thing to do it just get on with it and do what you must do and then let your emotions come into it when you’re safe!

What has surprised you on the trip?

The number of dolphins we have seen – I wasn’t expecting to see so many. Also, the size of the crabs in North Brittany!

Is this trip what you thought it was going to be?

Yes, except I thought we would be much further along by now, but we’ve been held up a lot and it’s not been our fault as such. The prop held us up for a week and now we’ve been stuck in La Rochelle for a couple of weeks waiting to get the boat repaired. If we could have stuck to our timescale we would have been near Lisbon and the weather would have been much nicer.

What do you hope the rest of the trip will bring?

I don’t hope for anything, I’m excited to see what happens. I just hope to see lots of wildlife and some beautiful places.

What is your favourite thing about Chelsea?

So far, she has kept us safe! No matter how bad the weather is, I never feel unsafe on Chelsea. The best gadgit on Chelsea is the Autopilot - it gives us time to enjoy the surroundings, when the weather is calm you can put it on and have a break and take everything in.


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