• Faye

Finding Chelsea

She was perfect! Water maker - check. Solar panels - check. 3 bedrooms - check. Very few miles on the engine - check. Freezer - check. The only thing we were slightly apprehensive about was her age - she is 11 years old and she has original rigging so when we went to see her we kept this in mind.

The boat is called Chelsea and she is a Hanse 430E. As soon as I saw her I fell in love - she was so beautiful! Ryan was the logical one, as always. He was looking at the boat for signs of damage, wear and tear, things that were wrong with it, things that it didn't have that we would need etc etc . I was just pleased it was clean and better still, it had a washing machine!

The owners were absolutely lovely, as soon as we got on board we were offered a beer - they were our kind of people! David and Sarah let us ask any questions we liked and explore Chelsea ourselves, which was brilliant. Afterwards we went for a drink in the sailing club and had a chat. It was pretty obviously we loved Chelsea and wanted her. We said goodbye and left, knowing we would be back again.

Over the next few days we spoke to David and Sarah a lot, asking questions and making plans to go back for a second viewing. In the end we made an offer - subject to survey - we couldn't resist!

Then was the decision about whether or not to get a survey. Chelsea was perfect - no rust, no damage at all, everything was gleaming and it was VERY apparent David and Sarah had looked after Chelsea well. Although most people would always recommend getting a survey, we had a gut feeling that it would be a complete waste of money getting one done. The main thing we were concerned about was the rigging, because it was original and over 10 years old, but in doing some research, Ryan found that most surveyors would only check the rigging by eye anyway - well we could do that!

We decided to save the money and instead printed off some survey tick lists before going to view Chelsea again to complete our own survey. We didn't find anything except a slight crack in the gel coat by the rigging and we were quoted £50 to have it filled. We were very happy with this and so we paid the rest of the money and on 16th May 2018 Chelsea was officially ours!



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