Our Equipment on Board

We have been asked a lot about the types of equipment we have on Chelsea, so we thought we would put some links to show you exactly what we have. This isn't everything you need but it covers a lot of the essential things, as well as some fun extras we are pleased we bought!

More Details...

Portable VHF Radio with GPS
Garmin Inreach Explorer +
Sony FRD X3000 4K Action Cam
Camera Accessory Pack
Bilge Float Switch
Sail Repair 
Soft Surf Boar
Gill Sailing Jacket
Men's O'Neill 5/4mm Wetsuit
Waterproof Trousers
Crew Saver Life Jacket
Seal Skin Gloves
Nikon D4300
DJI Spark Combo
Adobe Premier Elements 2018
Bluetooth Car Radio
Victron Energy Battery Re
First Aid Kit Bag
Inflatable Paddleboard
Gill Sailing Salopettes
Women's O'Neill Wetsuit
Dog Boots
Dog Life Jacket
Musto Gloves

If you would like to donate to help us keep going - thank you!! Head to our Patreon page or donate through Paypal ...

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