Episode #32

In this episode of our sailing vlog, it's full on with some strong winds that catch a lot of people out and cause several boats to drag and crash. This is a notorious wind system known as the Mistrel that comes off of the south of France and regularly blows 40+ knots. The Mistrel is definitely something to watch out for! After Ryan helps a fellow sailor who's anchor drags, we sit out the wind for a couple of sleepless days and nights until the Mistrel clears and we can finally leave to sail over to Sardinia. Fourth time lucky!!


We have a pretty non-eventful sail, have some nice winds, make full use of all three of our sails and only have to run the motor for around 30 minutes - we HATE having the motor on. It's noisy, burns diesel and ruins the tranquility that is sailing. We get to our destination, Sardinia, and the first thing we see if a flock of flamingos flying over the boat - wow! Faye gets extremely excited about this, as well as finally making it across, and we anchor in a stunning little bay with crystal clear waters.


Thank you for watching guys and girls and fair winds!


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